Tuesday, 27 November 2012

FOTD: Australian products

Despite my love for trying out international brands, its nice to use products from your own country! I used a few local products for my FOTD from a few nights ago, heres what I used (mini reviews included):

Australis Creme Colour blush in Flirtatious pink RRP $9.95
Face of Australia massage therapy lip shine in Bondi RRP $10.95
Face of Australia liquid eyeliner in black RRP $8.95
Australis Mineral Inject Liquid Foundation in Natural beige $17.95
BYS Diamond Shadow Colour Conga palette RRP $5.00

I've also included the Rimmel mascara, simply because I don't own any true Aussie brand mascaras but Rimmel is widely available here. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Swatches above of Australis creme colour - on the left it has been blended out and is quite sheer against my skin. As my face is lighter, it shows up more on my face and appears like a natural flushed glow. I like the creamy consistency of this, it has a little bit of added shimmer too. It can be used on the lips too, but because of the lavender smell, I don't use it on my lips as I am not a fan of this smell! 

Swatches of the lip shine - it is true to the tube. The formula is a little on the sticky side, but it gives a great shine to the lips. The colour can be built up too so I only use a small amount. I absolutely adore this colour. The applicator also has little bumps on it, which apparently massages your lips to provide fullness. I don't really think this does anything, it feels nice to apply, but my lips don't seem much fuller from using it. 

As for the mineral foundation, it is decent, but nothing spectacular. Here is what the product claims to do:
  • For perfectly smooth, immaculate-looking skin.
  • Minmises the appearance of imperfections and fine lines
  • Luxuriously lightweight for superior coverage and a sensational silky finish
  • SPF 12

The coverage is quite light which suits me as my skin is fairly clear. It claims to give smooth skin - yes, if your skin is already in good condition. It does minimise imperfections if they are minor, and I'm not sure about the fine lines? 

As for the FoA liquid liner, I've written about it in a previous post, which you can view here (its #5 on the list). 

I have done a complete review on the BYS palette, click here!. For this FOTD, I used the soft green to fit with a floral spring-style look :) 

What are your favourite Australian products? 


  1. I actually quite like the BYS shadow palettes, some of the colours are duds but for $3-$10 they are really quite lovely!
    I personally love a lot of the australis products, but i'll agree with you that their foundations are not the best. I love their powder foundation product, and their setting spray :) give those a try if you haven't already!

    Amber x
    @ http://amberrxo.blogspot.com.au/

    1. I will check them out next time I'm at the shops, thanks for the recommendations :) Australis has mostly great products so I'm looking forward to trying more of their stuff!

  2. I love the Australis Liquid Liner and FOA's Illuminators :) great post!

    1. I haven't tried the FoA illuminators before (or any illuminators actually) so I'll keep an eye out for them, thanks :D

  3. Great post, it's good to see Aussie brands getting some love! I love the FOA lip quench lipsticks, with spf30 they're perfect for summer :)


    1. I love all the FoA products I've tried, another lipstick to add to the list :) thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Wow These Aussie brands are awesomeI wish I did buy the one either but Natural Skin Care is more Awesome and gives your skin smooth and glow.


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