Tuesday, 26 November 2013

October & November empties

It seems as though as the year draws to an end, many of my products are reaching their end too. Let's see what I've used up....

Palmer's Hydrating Gel Lotion
I started using this towards the end of winter, when my skin was so dry and scaly. With regular use, its made my skin super soft and smooth. The difference is amazing. I did like the gel like consistency of it; it absorbed quickly. But, for some reason, it leaves a very sticky residue on my hands after I've applied it all over my body and it absolutely has to be washed off. I don't like this. This throws me off repurchasing it, but I'll probably opt for a different Palmer's product so it's not a big deal anyway. 

Australis See Ya Later polish remover
Totally love the packaging. This was a really good nail polish remover and it left a moisturising residue on my nails. I'd repurchase it eventually, but I wouldn't go out of my way to do so - its just polish remover.

Nivea Milk & Honey lipbalm
OMG this smells soooo good. I used this religiously for months. I'm really trying to get through a few more lipbalms before I repurchase this one but I will definitely buy it again.

L'Oreal Base Magique primer (sample size)
This is from the Lust Have It September box. I really liked this primer and I found it was excellent a mattifying my skin. I'd consider buying full size, but I'm not too keen on the tub...if it had a squeeze tube like this then that would be perfect.

Pure Destiny Aromatics 3 in 1 scrub
I won this from a blog giveaway late last year so I've had it for a while. I really liked using this once or twice a week as it was quite grainy and exfoliating. Things I didn't like were the packaging (the tiny gap at the top got clogged really easily, requiring me to screw off the entire cap to get it out) and the lavender smell wasn't really my thing. I've purchased a St Ives scrub as a replacement because its a bit more affordable for me.

Macro Hair, Skin & Nails supplements
Not really a beauty product I guess but I'd been taking these supplements for a bit over a month. I don't think they really did anything but I have pretty good skin, hair and nails anyway (not bragging!). I was just curious to try them out. Wouldn't repurchase but I might try out another brand of hair/skin/nails supplements one day.

Target cucumber facial wipes
Meh. I only use these when I go away or for cleaning my makeup items (like the cases of things). Pretty cheap, nothing fancy. Don't really care much about wipes to be honest!

Bioderma Foaming Cleanser (sample size)
This is sitting between the lotion and the polish remover. Another item from the LHI September box. It was a good cleanser, very mild and didn't dry out my skin but I hated the smell. It smells like cheap mens deodorant and reminds me of the smell wafting out of the boys changerooms after Year 8 PE when I was in high school....*shudders*. Not purchasing.

Rimmel X Volume Flash mascara
This is sitting underneath the scrub and supplements. Very average mascara, nothing fancy at all but it was cheap. I'm not repurchasing because I've got a few other mascaras stocked up at the moment.

Coles makeup remover pads
STAY AWAY. These are honestly so useless - they fall apart instantly and fluff up everywhere *cringe*. They're cheap but I'd rather spend a few extra $$ on Swisspers which are of decent quality. 

Whew, that's quite a lot of empties from me! What have you finished up this month?

Stay tuned for my December empties post to see what I chuck out as the year finishes. I'll also be challenging myself to throw out any unused/half used products that I haven't touched in a while...eek, can I do it?!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Epic Nail: Essentials Foil Kit

Today, I'm reviewing the Essentials Nail Foil Kit* from Epic Nail. I've not had much experience with nail foils, so I was keen to give it a go.

So the basic gist of it is that I was sent a kit with everything you need to complete your foil manicure. Currently, the kits (of which there are several) are 50% off for $37 - I've also got a discount code which I've included for you at the end of this review. Each of the foil rolls can do about 60 manicures which is pretty awesome and makes it good value.

The box itself and flyers

What's in the box?
Nail sticks
6 x foil design rolls
Nail glue

Included foils

There were a few instruction flyers on how to apply. I've included a photo (taken from the website) of the one that I used to do my nails.

To be honest, I think this guide is a little lacking. I followed these steps, and the first time - I completely failed at it. No one told me not to use Seche Vite...it makes the glue not stick properly. So I'd suggest skipping the topcoat when you do the first step.

After watching a few YouTube videos, I discovered some useful tips. The foil should stick to the nail pretty much instantly and not require too much smoothing down.

Let me show you my results, in order of attempts....

Okay, so these are the first three designs I tried out. Will they look as good as they do in the picture below?

Adapted from Epic Nail website

Attempt 1: I painted my nails with OPI 'Koala-berry' and did not use a top coat prior to foiling. I let the glue dry and then proceeded to stick on the foils...

Not too bad, there are some bald spots but I think it looks pretty cool.

Attempt number 2: I painted my nails with Chanel's 'Black Satin' and tried out the lace foils.

I think I should have opted for a different coloured background, but still happy with the results! I initially did use a silver polish (Revlon's 'Sequin') but the grainy texture doesn't agree with the foils. 

Attempt 3: SUCCESS! I didn't paint my nails with anything except a base coat, then used a very thin layer of glue...

How awesome does that look?!

So after some trial and error, I was finally successful. They're a quick and easy way to do a funky nail design without needing a lot of skill or patience. I think these kits make a great gift idea for nail savvy friends/family, and why not grab one as a Christmas gift while they're on sale? 

Now, for purchases over $30, you're eligible to use my DISCOUNT CODE to get free shipping! Just use the code: BLOGPRETTY prior to checking out. This code is available until the 31st of December.

Do you use nail foils?

*product was provided for consideration and has been reviewed in accordance with my disclosure policy.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Priceline Haul

I'd be correct in assuming that we all get pretty excited about a Priceline sale, right? 40% off all cosmetics is an offer too good to refuse!

Here is my loot...

Sally Hansen Strengthening nail polish remover 
(original RRP $5.45, sale price $3.27)
A slightly boring purchase, but the only reason I went to Priceline was because I had run out of remover...(who am I kidding?! of course its not the only reason!)

Rimmel Space Dust polish in 'Moon Walking' 
(original RRP $6.95, sale price $4.17)
I have seen a lot of people posting pics on Instagram sporting these new Space Dust polishes, so as a self confessed lacquerista, I definitely had to join in on the fun. This colour looks super gorgeous, its a bit hard to see in the pic but its a lovely deep violet.

Rimmel 60 Seconds polish in 'Sunny Days' 
(original RRP $7.95, sale price $4.77)
I own about 100 nail polishes when you throw in today's purchases, and this is the only yellow one! I'm not a huge fan of yellow, but I wanted a yellow polish to keep around for nail art.

Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminator 
(original RRP $22.95, sale price $13.77)
Okay, I'm super excited about this. I already have a lifetime's worth of illuminators but I reeaally wanted this. We sell NBN at work and I always fondly eye this one off. I picked it up about 3 times before finally deciding to take it. Can't wait to try it out, my first NBN product!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish in 'First Blush' 
(original RRP $6.95, sale price $4.17)
Another polish for nail art - pale pink on its own doesn't suit me very well.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish in 'Bubble Plum' 
(original RRP $9.95, sale price $5.97)
Another hyped up trend on Instagram! How could I resist!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with what I picked up and I saved close to $30 because I used my quarterly sister club voucher. I really wanted to try out the Australis Velour Lips but the stand was completely wiped out. Other than that, all good!

Did you pick up anything from the Priceline sale?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

FOTD feat. Rimmel Stay Matte

I'm sorry I don't have an exciting FOTD for you - the only places I've gone lately is uni and work :( anyways, just the other day I decided to focus on the cheeks more, so let me show you what I tried out...

 SAX Bronzer in Tahitian Summer
L'Oreal Touch On Colour in Cashmere Rose
Sleek candy blush palette
Max Factor Masterpiece mascara
Rimmel Stay Matte mousse foundation

I've included the photo above to show you how great the Stay Matte foundation is at providing a smooth and even base. I'm really loving this foundation so I'll post up a review when I can!

Blogger keeps messing this photo up and making my hair look brown/grey...help?!

I thought I'd throw in this photo to show you how the cheeks turned out. I used the shade on the right from the Sleek blush palette along the cheekbones, used the bronzer below that line (with a contouring brush) and added some of the highlighter at the tops of my cheekbones, I think you can see its giving me a nice glow! As I have said in the caption, Blogger is being really annoying and keeps uploading this picture with an odd grey tone which is why my hair looks like such a weird colour...

What's been on your face lately?

Friday, 1 November 2013

Dupe alert: MAC Ruby Woo

Before I start, I just want to say that this is my personal opinion...I think these lipsticks are a dupe, colour-wise, for Ruby Woo.

If you read my post from a few months ago, you would be aware that I was keen to extend my collection of reds. Since then, I've acquired a few, some being quite similar in colour. And this leads me to some potential dupes for Ruby Woo...

Ruby Woo is a pretty iconic red. But, its high maintenance - if your lips are dry, it looks awful and flaky (in my experience). Its also quite drying on your lips, BUT it does last quite a long time. I wore it for a night out a few weeks ago and and found myself reapplying quite a bit because I was consuming beverages most of the night...by the time I got home at 1am, well, lets just say I looked like a hot mess! Yikes!

Savvy by DB Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in 'Morroco'
MAC 'Ruby Woo'
Rimmel Lasting Finish 'Temptation'

Savvy by DB Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in 'Morroco'
MAC 'Ruby Woo'
Rimmel Lasting Finish 'Temptation'

Ruby Woo is the most matte of these. Temptation is slightly darker, more of a crimson colour and is not a true matte finish. I think I like the Savvy one the most to be honest! It's an amazing colour and only costs about $8. 

In terms of lasting power, they are all different - the matte Savvy one is about 4-5 hours for me, with regular eating and drinking. Ruby Woo is slightly longer, except for in the example I mentioned above. The Rimmel one is not as long lasting, despite the name. 

In summary, I think they're all nice colours in their own right, and if I had to pick a favourite it would probably be the shade by Savvy. Savvy is a brand exclusive to Priceline. 

Do you think these are dupes? What are your favourite reds to wear?

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