Tuesday, 26 November 2013

October & November empties

It seems as though as the year draws to an end, many of my products are reaching their end too. Let's see what I've used up....

Palmer's Hydrating Gel Lotion
I started using this towards the end of winter, when my skin was so dry and scaly. With regular use, its made my skin super soft and smooth. The difference is amazing. I did like the gel like consistency of it; it absorbed quickly. But, for some reason, it leaves a very sticky residue on my hands after I've applied it all over my body and it absolutely has to be washed off. I don't like this. This throws me off repurchasing it, but I'll probably opt for a different Palmer's product so it's not a big deal anyway. 

Australis See Ya Later polish remover
Totally love the packaging. This was a really good nail polish remover and it left a moisturising residue on my nails. I'd repurchase it eventually, but I wouldn't go out of my way to do so - its just polish remover.

Nivea Milk & Honey lipbalm
OMG this smells soooo good. I used this religiously for months. I'm really trying to get through a few more lipbalms before I repurchase this one but I will definitely buy it again.

L'Oreal Base Magique primer (sample size)
This is from the Lust Have It September box. I really liked this primer and I found it was excellent a mattifying my skin. I'd consider buying full size, but I'm not too keen on the tub...if it had a squeeze tube like this then that would be perfect.

Pure Destiny Aromatics 3 in 1 scrub
I won this from a blog giveaway late last year so I've had it for a while. I really liked using this once or twice a week as it was quite grainy and exfoliating. Things I didn't like were the packaging (the tiny gap at the top got clogged really easily, requiring me to screw off the entire cap to get it out) and the lavender smell wasn't really my thing. I've purchased a St Ives scrub as a replacement because its a bit more affordable for me.

Macro Hair, Skin & Nails supplements
Not really a beauty product I guess but I'd been taking these supplements for a bit over a month. I don't think they really did anything but I have pretty good skin, hair and nails anyway (not bragging!). I was just curious to try them out. Wouldn't repurchase but I might try out another brand of hair/skin/nails supplements one day.

Target cucumber facial wipes
Meh. I only use these when I go away or for cleaning my makeup items (like the cases of things). Pretty cheap, nothing fancy. Don't really care much about wipes to be honest!

Bioderma Foaming Cleanser (sample size)
This is sitting between the lotion and the polish remover. Another item from the LHI September box. It was a good cleanser, very mild and didn't dry out my skin but I hated the smell. It smells like cheap mens deodorant and reminds me of the smell wafting out of the boys changerooms after Year 8 PE when I was in high school....*shudders*. Not purchasing.

Rimmel X Volume Flash mascara
This is sitting underneath the scrub and supplements. Very average mascara, nothing fancy at all but it was cheap. I'm not repurchasing because I've got a few other mascaras stocked up at the moment.

Coles makeup remover pads
STAY AWAY. These are honestly so useless - they fall apart instantly and fluff up everywhere *cringe*. They're cheap but I'd rather spend a few extra $$ on Swisspers which are of decent quality. 

Whew, that's quite a lot of empties from me! What have you finished up this month?

Stay tuned for my December empties post to see what I chuck out as the year finishes. I'll also be challenging myself to throw out any unused/half used products that I haven't touched in a while...eek, can I do it?!


  1. Hey gorgeous I nominated you for a liebester award!


  2. Well done love! There's quite a few empties here this month =) Have you tried the Aldi cotton pads? They're part of my beauty HGs. They're affordable, sturdy yet gentle enough for the delicate eye area. x ♥

    1. Thanks Sunshine! I haven't tried these but it sounds like I definitely need to! I've heard some rave reviews about Aldi stuff, I better jump onto the bandwagon. Thanks for the recommendation :)

  3. I do really like that nail polish remover! The best thing is when you get it on sale at Priceline - then it's really cheap and excellent for glitter removal!

    1. Yes I agree! It was much easier to remove textured polishes I found :) I saw it on sale today at Priceline for $1.75 actually.


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