Monday, 30 December 2013

December empties + end of year cull....

What have I powered through this month? A few things. But the main point of this post is to show you that I'm trying to 'clean up' my collection a bit and discard things that I haven't used in a while/don't really like etc. I found myself in two minds about throwing out some of the things that I chose, but then I realised theres no point in holding onto something I probably won't really use again.

But first, the empties...

Nail Tek Foundation II Base Coat
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
TIGI Urban Antidotes Conditioner
Matrix Total Results Sleek Shampoo
Sensodyne Daily Repair Toothpaste
Dettol Hand Sanitiser 
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner

Nail Tek Foundation II
My HG base coat, this is awesome stuff. It dries opaque and works really well at making my polish colours seem more vibrant = less coats! It also helps to keep my nails hard and strong by preventing them from peeling so much. I will repurchase this when I use up some of my other base coats.

Do I even need to say anything about this anymore? Repurchased 2 more bottles!

TIGI Conditioner
I've had this for literally 2 years...I use conditioner at SUCH a slow rate because sometimes I use a 'deep' conditioner or I use coconut oil as a pre-wash treatment so conditioner becomes overkill. I really liked this conditioner, it smells like candy! It makes my hair incredibly smooth and soft so I will repurchase this when I'm all out of conditioner.

This was good. Just good, didn't blow me away or made my hair shiny and manageable but I did not like the smell much. It took me a year to get through this bottle because I do rotate shampoos. Probably would not repurchase as there are many other shampoos I would like to try.

Sensodyne toothpaste
Kind of a weird inclusion, but I liked this so much I had to include it. It cleans really well and really is a step above my usual boring toothpaste. This is a sample size that I received when I went to a presentation by GSK for work and I have since purchased the full size.

Dettol Hand Sanitiser
Another weird inclusion but I rely on this stuff so much! Repurchased.

Maybelline Master Precise Liner
Hmm...everyone raves about this liner and yeah it's good buuut I like my Face of Australia Liquid Liner better (plus, its cheaper!). It wasn't a bad eyeliner but the FOA liner is more 'liquidy' whereas this is more like a marker pen. Different strokes for different folks.

Right, empties done! Moving on to what I am discarding as an end of year cull...

Nivea Glamourous Gloss
NYX Lipstick in 'Tea Rose'
Nivea Natural Volume
MUA Shade 7 lipstick
Boe Beauty Lip Lacquer
Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain

Nivea Glamorous Gloss
Am throwing this out because it is over 2 years old. I did like it, it smelt nice and gave a natural gloss look without being sticky. I am not sure if it even exists anymore but I would consider rebuying it in the future.

NYX Lipstick
Love the formula, hate the colour. I bought this online quite some time ago and upon discovering the colour didn't suit me, it was placed in my 'reject box' - the products that I didn't use but hoped one day I might use it. I would like to try some other NYX lipsticks; now that NYX is at Target it will be easier for me to find a good shade.

Nivea Natural Volume Gloss
Again, another old product to get rid of. I really loved this one because it had a gorgeous peachy colour and for a while it would always be in my purse for a night out. Maybe I'll buy it again one day.

MUA Lipstick
The twist up mechanism was broken when I received it which already made it a pain from day 1, but the colour doesn't look good on me either. It's a salmon colour which doesn't suit my darker complexion. When I wore it, I always added a coloured gloss or something else to it. But it is too much effort and I never use it anymore so seeya later. 

Boe Beauty lipgloss
Pretty, cheap, convenient - but SO STICKY! Nonono. However, as a saving grace, Boe have released some awesome lip crayons and matte lip creams so I'll try those out. 

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain
You would have seen this and the previous lippy in a previous post about products I hate. So why did I still keep these? Well, everything deserves a second chance and I don't like to throw out something that I spent my hard earned cash on. This lipstain is awful and not cheap either ($18ish?) and it was a complete waste. 

Clinique GWP Eyeshadow duo
Australis Creme Blush
Essence Nail Polish
Boe Beauty Bronzer

Clinique Eyeshadow Duo
I don't remember where I got this - it may have been passed on to me from someone else. It's been sitting around for ages and the colours don't suit me at all.

Australis Creme Blush
An old product that needs to go. I did not like this much, it smelt like lavender which I dislike and the colour pay-off wasn't great.

Essence Nail Polish
It's not really a very interesting colour, I don't know why I bought it in the first place. Will pass on to someone else.

Boe Beauty Bronzer
I don't really use bronzer and I have two other ones. This one was only $2 and it's not a bad product, it's just not something I use. 

Phew, what a lot of stuff I am chucking out as the year ends! Are you doing an end of year cull?

Sunday, 29 December 2013

BYS Blush Trio: Coral Me In

I made a sneaky little purchase on my lunch break yesterday from Hot Dollar! I tend to stroll through the aisles of random goodness, but I totally didn't realise they stocked BYS - it's right at the front of the store too...oops! I was really excited to see these BYS blush trios because I have seen great reviews (check out Emma's review - she has all of them!). While the pink one initially caught my interest, I decided not to buy it because I have the Sleek Candy Blush palette which is veerry similar. Anyway, these colours are all new to me, so for $6.50, it wouldn't hurt to experiment. 

BYS Blush Trio in 'Coral Me In'

Bright orangey shades - a bit daunting! I do like the packaging of this. It is not as nice as the Sleek palettes which feel much nicer and well, sleek. The Sleek palettes also have a mirror instead of the clear window panes. Each to their own, I think Sleek wins packaging-wise. 

OK now the next picture is not altered in any is so weeeird...

The palette opens up and....WHAAAT?

Ya, what the heck?? Haha! Obviously I didn't notice this when I bought it because I couldn't open it up. It's like it has been left in the sun for too long and the exposed top part started to fade?!


Ok, well let's ignore that. Despite that, the colours are nice and really pigmented. The middle shade is less pigmented. I also noticed that these don't have the overwhelming powder-smell that the BYS eyeshadows seem to have. Yay! 


Upon swatching them, I thought, gosh, maybe I can't wear these colours - but they are surprisingly wearable, when done in moderation. However, because they are so pigmented, clown-face can happen easily so be careful. If you are pale, you'd probably only need a quick sweep. Having a darker skin tone means I can use a bit more. If I had to pick a favourite, I couldn't - it's a tie between the middle and right shade, both for different reasons! 

Overall I think these are a total bargain at $6.50 and I'm really happy I finally got to pick one up! I'll get some use out of this palette over the summer. I think I'll  be able to use this palette with some of the products I featured in my Apricot FOTD.

During summer, I move away from pink blushes and go for coral/apricot colours. I use my Sleek blush in Rose Gold religiously - if you haven't tried it, you really need to check it out! While I do love that blush, it'll be nice to deviate away and give this palette a go!

Have you tried any of the BYS Blush Trios?

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Chemist Warehouse haul

It's that time of year where sales are screaming our name. If you haven't purchased anything this post-Xmas sale period, I salute you - amazing willpower!

I am pretty scared of the shops at this time of year. Last year, I worked the whole day after Boxing Day, which is the equivalent of Boxing Day sales in my city because everything is shut on the 26th. Can I  just say, WORST shift of my life - it really brought out in the worst in people and I have never, ever seen a shopping centre so crowded. Anyway, because of that this year I didn't really bother going to the shops. However, seeing as Chemist Warehouse is open till 9pm on Friday's and the one closest to me is not in a shopping centre, I made a late visit last night...

The sale is 50% off cosmetics and up to 80% of fragrances...did your heart just skip a beat?!

Rimmel Apocalips in 'Solstice' (sale price $7.97)
Ralph Lauren 30mL perfume (sale price $26.99)
Rimmel Apocalips in 'Nova (sale price $7.97)
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable stain in 'Smitten'(sale price $8.98)

So awesome that I only paid $56.60 for all this. I probably would have spent more money but I was with my bf who was hungry therefore we couldn't stay long (typical!). I was very excited to see the lip products for so cheap - they are practically US prices (shock horror!). My motivation for going to the sale was to buy this perfume, a friend of mine was wearing it one day and I absolutely loved it so I'm super stoked about this. The sale is still going for another few days (I am not sure exactly when, I can't figure it out on the website but I think possibly 1st-2nd Jan?) so I *may* make another sneaky trip and buy a Marc Jacobs perfume for myself.

What awesome deals have you scored during post-Christmas sales?

Friday, 27 December 2013

Apricot FOTD feat. Nude by Nature Illuminator

The weather is light and breezy, so I felt like sticking to warmer colours today...

Benefit They're Real Mascara sample size
Revlon Superlustrous lipstick in 'Demure'

Something simple and easy. I really do like this foundation and its one of my everyday ones that I use. The blush is perfect for summer, although I haven't used it in some time. And the illuminator is new (see link above!), seeing as the post generated some interest I thought I would use it to show how it looks in use. 

I used a bit more than I would normally just so the camera picks it up, I love how natural it is! Ok, enough raving about it - I raved enough in my review!

Do you find apricot-peach colours suitable for warmer weather?

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Sukin Purifying Facial Masque

I bought this a little while ago in a mini-haul and a few ladies suggested I should do a review on the masque, so here it is!

Before I get started, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with friends, family, food and gifts! :)

This masque is a kaolin clay based mask. Ok, this means nothing to me, but from what I've figured out, it hardens on your face as it dries. My skin was being erratic and producing annoying breakouts - the big pimples that take weeks to go away so I hoped this would help.

I don't mind the smell, I can't describe it but it is pleasant enough. It feels super thick and lushious, it's really tempting to just shove my hands in the tub! I've never used any sort of facial masque before so I wasn't entirely sure how thick I should apply it on but I made sure my skin was totally covered. I'd recommend using this masque when you don't have company because it dries to a red-brown colour - I freaked myself out when I first realised this! Of course, you could neglect to tell your roomies and scare the crap out of them. 

Look at the colour!

Once applied, it gives a cooling, tingling sensation which is not uncomfortable but quite refreshing. Over the next 10 minutes, it does begin to harden so it feels weird when you move your face.

Washing off is easy - warm water and gentle massaging does the trick. The end result is baby-soft, smooth skin that doesn't feel dry at all! I was amazed. My skin had not felt that good in months. That was one of the reasons I bought this; my skin was being unpredictable and cranky. What a good decision to pick this up! I've since also purchased their rosehip oil which I'm also really enjoying (I'll do a review, if anyone would like to hear my thoughts?) and my skin seems to be doing well so far. It does seem to 'purify' my skin quite thoroughly so I am using it 1-2 times a week. I haven't had any more of those awful pimples since using this, just the occasional minor pimple that disappears in a few days.

Should you buy it? If you want a mask that purifies your skin but doesn't strip it dry (like I have heard other masks do) then give this a go. Even though I am not experienced in the masque department, I am really happy with this product!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminator

I previously wrote a post about my illuminator collection, and this is a new addition to my collection. Not only is it the newest member, it is definitely my favourite.

I do adore my other illuminators, but this one wins out because it's oh so subtle - much less shimmery than the other ones. It's also a beautiful apricot colour. It is something I can wear everyday, the others I save for special occasions because they have more shimmer. 

Pretty, don't you think?

So gorgeous!

I love how natural this looks! It is really creamy and blends easily. It's well priced at $23 for 50mL, but I was lucky enough to grab it during Priceline's 40% sale off a while back so it was even more of a bargain. If you're finding your current illuminators too shimmery, give this one a go. I'm so pleased with it and can't wait to try out more NBN products!

(update: to see this illuminator in action, check out my FOTD post!)

Friday, 20 December 2013

Scholl Party Feet and Blister Shield review

'tis the season to be jolly...and drink and dance at all the Christmas and New Years parties! So when I was asked to review the Scholl Party Feed Gel Cushions* and Blister Shield plasters*I had to say yes, because it is perfect timing.

Party Feet Gel Cushions
Blister Shield Plasters

I recently attended my annual pharmacy ball and wore a pair of pretty, but painful heels. I expected to have sore and swollen feet the next day but I managed to avoid it...thanks to the Gel Cushions!

So squeeeshy!

These guys are so awesome, they're squishy so the balls of your feet aren't pushing against the hard shoe. I'll probably just leave them in the same pair of heels, but they are actually transferable and washable. I am not sure how the washable part works seeing as the sticky side may not work anymore but I will have to suss it out. 

Because of the way my heels sat, the zipper at the heel end did aggravate my heel and I found I had a minor blister on my foot. How to deal...?

Use a blister shield!

It wasn't anything serious, but I used one of the small blister shields. It's clear and practically invisible when applied, and it's also really adhesive, unlike flimsy bandaids. It adheres really well and you don't even notice its there. You can leave them on until they naturally fall off so you don't need to worry about it at all. The only issue would be is if you had it on the sole of your foot (or a spot in contact with the ground), it would probably come off a bit quickly from the movement. 

I also like that this container is a purse-friendly size, you can pop it into your purse when heading out for a special event. 

Overall, I think these are great for those who like to dance/walk in painful shoes, work long hours standing and abuse their feet!

Have you tried these Scholl products before?

*products were provided for consideration and have been reviewed in accordance with my disclosure policy

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lust Have It! December box

Today is a good day. I got my uni results and am pleased to say that I am still maintaining a Distinction average :D oh, also I got a little surprise at my front door in the form of my amazing postie delivering a Lust Have It* box. Yay!!


Box description

Full sized samples
Sunsense Anti-ageing face sunscreen RRP $20.95
Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream RRP $15.95

Sunsense sunscreen
Forgive me if I am wrong, but aren't all sunscreens anti-ageing, technically? Anyway, don't throw rocks at me but I am not a regular user of sunscreens (cue screams) because I don't burn. I use it when I spend the day outside at the beach/lake etc though so this saves me from having to purchase one. I'll definitely use this for those lazy beach days. 

Maybelline BB Cream
SO excited about this! I remember when this first came out and it was the talk of the town. I actually contemplated buying it recently but decided I needed to finish up my current BB's first. Very excited to use this.

Sample sized products
Clairol Visible Repair Intensive Mask RRP $13.95 for 200mL
Pelactiv Hydrating Cream Cleanser RRP $43 for 150mL
Uriage Refreshing Gel Cream RRP $49.95 for 40mL

Clairol mask
I haven't used Clairol products before so it'll be nice to try this out. However, I have about 5 other sample hair masks to try out first!

Pelactiv cleanser
Another brand new to me so I am keen to try it out. I have sooo many skincare samples I could probably use only samples for my skin for about 6 months before running out. The green tea extract sounds really lovely.

Uriage Gel Cream
So I received this box just after I had washed my face (with an Avene cleanser sample that I got in the last LHI box, actually!) and had not yet moisturised so I thought I'd use this! It was great, so lightweight and smelt pleasant. It sunk in really quickly and my skin feels so soft and hydrated. Win! I think this product and I will get along well. I've been using the Uriage makeup remover milk which I got recently in my Beautorium haul and I really like it, so this puts Uriage in my good books.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream sachet
Wine voucher

And a few little additional pieces. I probably will pass these on as I don't really use sachet samples and am not really much of a wine drinker.

All in all, this box is fantastic and I'm happy with every inclusion! It is a great box to end the year with and LHI have been blowing me away each month :)

Interested in subscribing? You can get $5 off your first box my using my discount code :)

*product was provided for consideration and has been reviewed in accordance with my disclosure policy

The Australasian College Broadway giveaway!

Hello my lovely readers! Seeing as it's the season of giving, I have been given the opportunity to give TWO lucky readers the chance to win a deluxe hair treatment at the Australasian College Broadway. The package is worth $60 and you'll receive a wash, blowdry and hairstyle at the fabulous College salon.

Fancy a new look?

If you're not familiar with the College, they are the gold standard for hair, beauty and makeup and are highly regarded for their learning and educational excellence. Thousands of students have attended the college and developed the traits, skills and knowledge needed to excel in their field!

From looking at the website, there are a lot of great courses of offer, such as Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services and Diploma of Beauty Therapy - theres also the option of 'study now pay later' where you may be eligible for financial assistance through the Australian Government VET-FEE-HELP.

If this is something that interests you, why not give it a go! It might be a great new project to try in the upcoming new year. For more information on the College, head over to or get in touch directly at :)

Now as for the giveaway, it is open Australia-wide but as the College is located in Sydney, you'll need to keep that in mind and be happy to travel there! It is open for 10 days and make sure you follow the instructions on Rafflecopter. The winner will be contacted via email and as I know it is the holiday season, I will wait 72 hours for a response before re-drawing another winner. Good luck :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

New pretties!

It's that time of year where we have to empty out our wallets, but that doesn't mean we can't buy ourselves a few nice things!

Sukin Rose Hip Oil (RRP $19.99)
Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in 'Ma-Li-Boo' (sale: $7.46)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine in 'Sparks Fly' (sale: $7.96)

I recently purchased a Sukin product (the purifying facial masque) and am absolutely loving it. I'll post up a review sometime over the next week so stay tuned! Everyone seems to rave about rosehip oil and now that I'm becoming a bit more skincare conscious, I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Everytime I go through Priceline, the pink Australis Velour Lips is always out. Today I was in luck because ALL colours were in stock! I grabbed two of the pink shades, one for me and another for a friend. There has been so much hype around these again, I'm jumping on the bandwagon (read: I am a sheep). 

I was mostly there to buy small gifts for friends, but I also picked up one of the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes. I have been seeing lots of pictures on Instagram and I could not resist. You know me, I'm a glitter addict. 

Have you been buying yourself some small gifts this festive season?

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

MAC 'Girl About Town' dupe

I recently purchased MAC's 'Girl About Town' and omg - it is a BEAUTIFUL!!! colour. I noticed that it was pretty similar to a colour I already had in my collection though...

MUA lipstick Shade 3

MAC Girl About Town
MUA Shade 3

They do look a little different here, but the differences are negligible when they are swatched side-by-side. 

Which is which?!
The MAC swatch is on the left

The colours are quite similar and both easy to apply. The MUA lippy is more creamy and glides on easier, but it also doesn't last as long and I find it transfers onto everything a lot more. The MAC shade is an 'amplified creme' so it is quite comfortable to wear and lasts FOREVER! I wore this the other night and in the space of 7 hours, only reapplied once even though I didn't really need to. In my drunken state, I fell asleep with my makeup on (naughty) and it was still super bright in the morning. How's that for lasting power?

Of course, the MUA lipstick is waaay cheaper than the MAC one (curse you, Australian prices). I bought it for 1 pound which is less than $2AUD. The MAC lippy weighs in at a hefty $36, but I think it's definitely worth it. I'd recommend the MUA shade if you like the colour but aren't worried about lasting time/don't mind reapplying. I tend to wear bright lipsticks when I'm heading out into town (i.e. drinking!) so I prefer a long wearing formula to last the distance. But in saying that, I do love both these shades :)

Do you guys think this is a dupe? 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Beautorium haul

When you're expecting beauty mail, Friday's can be either a good day, or a bad one. Don't you hate when you're really excited about receiving something, but then it doesn't show...and you have to wait till the following week?! Today I was anxiously anticipating the arrival of my Beauty Heaven Beautorium haul. For those of you who aren't familar with this, is an Australia beauty site featuring products/reviews, an amazing forum with some of the loveliest people you could meet, super useful blog posts and a few times a year, you can exchange your loyalty points for products! You can build up points by interacting with others on the site, posting reviews and things like that. 

So this is my haul...

Sukin Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream
Lady Jayne Aztec Collection Bobby Pins
Avon E-Defence Recovery Cream
Uriage Lait Demaquillant Makeup Remover Milk
Janesce Softening Wonder Serum

Not bad huh? Seeing as I only paid $4.95 for postage, I feel totally spoilt and thrilled at the same time! But I only ordered two products...the rest are all additional freebies thrown in! Can you guess which ones I actually picked out?

Sukin Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream
Uriage Lait Demaquillant Makeup Remover Milk

These are the two that I ordered! All the rest were freebies. I am super excited about the Sukin cream, having just discovered the amazingness of their products. But first I need to use up my open day cream...(do I haaave to?). As for the Uriage makeup remover, I've never heard of Uriage, but I hear about Bioderma all the time...I thought I'd be different and try out a different brand! I have seen this brand at some Priceline stores so if I like it, I know where to find it! 

What items did you choose from Beautorium?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Etude House Water Color Blusher review

Just a quick post today - tomorrow is my last day of exams/uni for the year (YAY!) so I'll be able to blog a bit more regularly. I started uni at the start of Feb and have only had 2 weeks of holidays this entire year so it's safe to say I'm keen for a few weeks off.

Anyway...introducing the Etude House Water Color Blusher in Coral...

This is pretty cool - it comes in a little paint tube! So cute! It's quite small in size, probably about the length of a finger.  

The colour is gorgeous - its so natural, a peachy pinky-coral. The formula, while I thought it would be creamy, is actually quite gel like and very light weight. So because of this, a gentle squeeze will dispense quite a lot of the colour. I find that using a small amount doesn't show up much colour so I need to use a little more. It blends into the skin to give a really natural look - more so than powder blushes I find. It also does have a mild frangrance but nothing overwhelming. The wear time on it is not particularly good as it fades within a few hours but I can deal with that. 

Kinda matches my nails a bit right? Anyway, for the $7-8 I paid for it, I think it's a really great and cute addition to have. I also like that it's super portable and more hygienic than pot cream blushes because you can wipe off the top of the tube with an alcohol wipe. I would like to purchase another colour because I love the light-weight formula!

Do you own any cutesy cosmetics like this?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sneaky Priceline haul

Yes I know I wrote a Priceline haul post just two weeks ago (damn it) but yesterday was pay day know. While I am in the midst of desperately cramming for exams, I thought I'd make a quick trip to Priceline...

Face of Australia 'Carnivale' polish in Ferris Wheel $5.95
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in 'White On' $6.95
Savvy by DB Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in 'Gerbera' $6.99
Sukin Purifying Facial Masque $15.99

Face of Australia polish
Yet another polish I have succumbed to buying because I've seen everyone on Instagram sporting Carnivale nails. I am such a SHEEP! I just cannot ignore any nail trends.

Sally Hansen polish
I would probably never wear white polish on its own, however, I am going to my annual pharmacy ball in a few weeks and I'm wearing a mint green dress + white white nails will hopefully match?

Savvy lipstick
I saw a photo on Instagram (Instagram again...I have a problem?) by The Beauty Vine showing off the gorgeous new matte lipstick shades so I definitely had to hunt these down. I have tried one of these lipsticks before and it's fantastic quality so I'm sure this will be much the same.

Sukin purifying masque
I never used to be that into skin care products, but lately my skin has been pretty average looking. I keep getting annoying breakouts in bad places (like right now, one in the centre of my forehead) so I am trying to work on a new skincare routine rather than rely on spot treatments...which I'm finding useless, so if you have any recommendations please let me know!!

Have you made any 'sneaky' beauty purchases lately?

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lust Have It! November 2013

I am not a subscriber of Lust Have It, but am fortunate enough to have been sent a few boxes to review for my blog. I think they're such an exciting little present to receive! It is December but the November box* has arrived. Considering I start final exams in 2 days (do I always have exams or what?!), it really brightened up my day! 

This box is probably my favourite so far...let's see what I got...

Flyers/vouchers - the one sounds interesting!

 Palmer's Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub (15g)
Davroe Colour Senses Ends Repair (50g)
Mary Kay Soothing Foot Balm (85g)

My box was missing the information leaflet with the box description so I'll do my best to describe these products correctly.

The scrub is interesting, I do love Palmer's so I'll be trying this out very soon. As for the Davroe product, I don't colour my hair but I will still give it a go. The Mary Kay Foot Balm sounds excellent - I work in retail and my feet hurt by the end of a shift so this is perfect.

Lon Vitalite Red Wine Mask

Red wine...on my face? Weird! I'll give this a go one day.

 Mary Kay Thinking of You Perfume samples
Aveda Gel Cleanser 7mL
Aveda Hydration Cream 7mL

Cute little additions here. I've heard Aveda is pricey so it'll be nice to try out some more expensive skincare.

Mary Kay Brow Pencil
Benefit 'They're Real' mascara sample size

I have very thick brows so I don't require a brow pencil, but my mum has sparse eyebrows so I've passed this on to her (she's pretty happy too, she loves MK!). With the Benefit sample, I've actually already got one of these stashed away but a second one can't hurt! 

It's nice to see some high end products included. I often think of high end products as being quite inaccessible due to budget constraints so this is a fantastic way of trying out some well liked brands.

Overall I think this box is really amazing and I can't wait to start using these goodies!

What did you think of this months box?

If you're thinking about subscribing to LHI, feel free to use my discount code to get $5 off your first box :)

*product was provided for consideration and has been reviewed in accordance with my disclosure policy. 
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