Friday, 20 December 2013

Scholl Party Feet and Blister Shield review

'tis the season to be jolly...and drink and dance at all the Christmas and New Years parties! So when I was asked to review the Scholl Party Feed Gel Cushions* and Blister Shield plasters*I had to say yes, because it is perfect timing.

Party Feet Gel Cushions
Blister Shield Plasters

I recently attended my annual pharmacy ball and wore a pair of pretty, but painful heels. I expected to have sore and swollen feet the next day but I managed to avoid it...thanks to the Gel Cushions!

So squeeeshy!

These guys are so awesome, they're squishy so the balls of your feet aren't pushing against the hard shoe. I'll probably just leave them in the same pair of heels, but they are actually transferable and washable. I am not sure how the washable part works seeing as the sticky side may not work anymore but I will have to suss it out. 

Because of the way my heels sat, the zipper at the heel end did aggravate my heel and I found I had a minor blister on my foot. How to deal...?

Use a blister shield!

It wasn't anything serious, but I used one of the small blister shields. It's clear and practically invisible when applied, and it's also really adhesive, unlike flimsy bandaids. It adheres really well and you don't even notice its there. You can leave them on until they naturally fall off so you don't need to worry about it at all. The only issue would be is if you had it on the sole of your foot (or a spot in contact with the ground), it would probably come off a bit quickly from the movement. 

I also like that this container is a purse-friendly size, you can pop it into your purse when heading out for a special event. 

Overall, I think these are great for those who like to dance/walk in painful shoes, work long hours standing and abuse their feet!

Have you tried these Scholl products before?

*products were provided for consideration and have been reviewed in accordance with my disclosure policy


  1. Oh this is perfect. I can't bare to stand in heels. I went to a wedding not long ago, my feet started hurting after 20minutes.... I wasn't even standing O_o.... this is exactly what I need!

    1. This sounds like a case for the gel cushions! The party feet products are really great, you should keep them in mind for future occasions :D


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