Tuesday, 17 December 2013

MAC 'Girl About Town' dupe

I recently purchased MAC's 'Girl About Town' and omg - it is a BEAUTIFUL!!! colour. I noticed that it was pretty similar to a colour I already had in my collection though...

MUA lipstick Shade 3

MAC Girl About Town
MUA Shade 3

They do look a little different here, but the differences are negligible when they are swatched side-by-side. 

Which is which?!
The MAC swatch is on the left

The colours are quite similar and both easy to apply. The MUA lippy is more creamy and glides on easier, but it also doesn't last as long and I find it transfers onto everything a lot more. The MAC shade is an 'amplified creme' so it is quite comfortable to wear and lasts FOREVER! I wore this the other night and in the space of 7 hours, only reapplied once even though I didn't really need to. In my drunken state, I fell asleep with my makeup on (naughty) and it was still super bright in the morning. How's that for lasting power?

Of course, the MUA lipstick is waaay cheaper than the MAC one (curse you, Australian prices). I bought it for 1 pound which is less than $2AUD. The MAC lippy weighs in at a hefty $36, but I think it's definitely worth it. I'd recommend the MUA shade if you like the colour but aren't worried about lasting time/don't mind reapplying. I tend to wear bright lipsticks when I'm heading out into town (i.e. drinking!) so I prefer a long wearing formula to last the distance. But in saying that, I do love both these shades :)

Do you guys think this is a dupe? 


  1. I think it's definitely close enough to be a dupe - great find on the MUA, by the way! I mean, I know the MAC is new, but the MUA is definitely very, very close.

    1. Glad you agree - on the lips the look practically identical! :)

  2. Wow they are super close! Also don't feel too guilty for falling asleep with your makeup on while drunk, I think it's the only time it can be deemed acceptable and at least you wake up looking fabulous!

    1. Wise words there Hailey! I think I looked more like a crazy person with all my eye makeup smudged up haha.

  3. They really do look similiar! This is such a beautiful pink. I have yet to buy a MAC lipstick, can't bear to pay $36 haha.

    Great blog by the way, I'm currently stalking old posts :)


    1. They are both so pretty! $36 is soo expensive, I wish we had US prices here. Thanks so much for your support :) xx


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