Thursday, 13 June 2013

Boe Beauty Lippies...

Boe Beauty is a relatively new budget makeup brand, found only at Big W. All their cosmetic items are $2, and they do have other products including makeup brushes, sponges, mirrors and larger kits but I think they are more than $2.

I have tried a few of their products and they aren't too bad. I've read a few reviews and the general consensus seems to be that the lipsticks and jumbo lip crayons are relatively well liked. 

So here I will show you the few that I own...

 Top to bottom
Boe Beauty Lipstick in Natural Tea Rose
Boe Beauty Lipstick in Birthday Suit
Boe Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips in Boudoir Pink
Boe Beauty in Manic Pink

Let me start off by saying that the packaging is cheap and flimsy. I've had the one at the top (Natural Tea Rose) for about 6 months, it lives in my handbag and you can see that all the silver writing has worn off when you compare it to the other lipstick. Both lipsticks have minor cracks in the clear plastic lid. 

Luckily, the pigmentation of these are pretty decent. Have a look at some swatches below

 Left: Natural Tea Rose
Right: Birthday Suit

Left: Natural Tea Rose
Right: Birthday Suit

These are both nice shades, with birthday suit being a fantastic MLBB lipstick. They have a slight smell but I can't describe it and it does not last upon applying. As for wear time, it is about 2-3 hours because these lipsticks are quite creamy and moisturising. 

Now, moving on...

Jumbo Wind Up Lips

Hey, so what do these remind you of! When I saw them, I instantly thought of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm is a side by side comparison. The Revlon one has had the lid taken off for this photo. They are almost the same, except the head differs slightly.

However, despite my initial assumption, these are not stains, but more like creamy lipsticks. I expected them to be dry and hard, but they glide on well and are super smooth on the lips. Again, wear time is not great, but what can you expect from a $2 product. I haven't had these as long as the lipsticks, but the writing has not shown any signs of fading away. The lids haven't cracked, but there are scratches appearing on the silver bottom. As for identifying the colour, its written on the barcode sticker, which is totally tacky, because if I remove the ugly barcode sticker, I won't know the name of the colour! 

Left: Boudoir Pink
Right: Manic Pink

Have you tried this brand?


  1. I'm still not totally convinced on this I don't know why - maybe just being a make up snob! Haha. Manic Pink is a lovely colour though :)


    1. I have since given up...the stands are always in shocking condition! They were okay a few months ago. Anyways, yes it is a nice colour, probably too bright for me though lol :/

  2. Oh you should try the red shade of the jumbo lips . I cant remeber the shade name though but there is only one red in the range and in my opinion it kind of stains my lips just like the Revln balm stains . Red is my absolute favourite and it is a versatile red that would suit most skin tones..

    1. Oh that sounds good! I've actually been looking for a new red lippy so I'll definitely keep an eye out, thanks :)


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