Monday, 8 September 2014

SC Perfume Review

I was recently contacted by SC Perfume to see if I would like to try out some of their testers*. I jumped at the opportunity because who doesn't love perfume? I was given $10 store credit, which enabled me to purchase 5 testers, as each sample vial is only $2 each! How great is that? 

One thing I absolutely loved about the site is the ability to browse by scent e.g. floral, oriental, fruity and the list goes on. I'm definitely a fruity perfume gal so I enjoyed this option. Let's have a look at what I ended up selecting...

 My order!

My order came housed in a green bag and contained the 5 samples that I ordered, as well as a full sized perfume that a kind soul from SC Perfume added to my order. Thanks guys! 

So on the website, there is a little description of each perfume, as you see above. The samples came in a zip lock bag with an info card and the vial. This is great, because I'm not very good at describing perfumes, so I'll let the cards do the talking! Cindy No. 5 is what I'd call a sexy, musky night time  perfume that actually reminds me a lot of Dior's Poison. 

Cindy No. 56 is a sweet floral that is perfect for spring time wear. 

Cindy Pretty is a powdery floral scent with the vanilla being quite noticeable. I think this one is one of my favourites out of the lot. 

DeAndre Delicate Touch is a crisp floral scent with a hint of citrus tang. To be honest, while this perfume is nice, I think its something that's not overly unique and its something I feel like I've smelt a lot in the past. But this is just my opinion, so you may love it! 

Out of all the testers, Miss Vietnam Hanoi Platinum is probably my favourite! You can definitely notice the fruity and vanilla tones, as well as the underlying jasmine. I could see myself purchasing this in the future. 

And let's not forget the full sized perfume I received. This is Essy Beautiful Dream. On first impressions, I thought it was quite a fresh, cool water like scent. The website describes it as floral with fruity notes. After wearing it for a little while, I worked out that it smells so much like Pantene shampoo! Well, the Aqua Light shampoo that I tried recently anyway. I am loving this perfume and I can see it being one of my go-to daytime perfumes.

Overall, I've had a great experience with SC Perfume and would recommend it to anyone looking to extend their perfume collection. Their prices are very reasonable, and you can't go wrong with $2 testers and free shipping! 

Have you tried this website before?

*products were provided for consideration and have been reviewed in accordance with my disclosure policy


  1. Ooh! I can see that we picked very different ones - good to see your view on this company, mine will likely be similar.

  2. I wish normal perfumes had $2 testers haha! I've never heard to this brand before but will check it out. It seems so affordable and testers last me forever!

    1. I know right, it would make life easier haha. Definitely have a look, theres something for everyone :)

  3. The packaging really appeals to me! Will check them out, great review x


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