Wednesday, 16 December 2015

7 Skins Youth skincare review

I was recently contacted by 7 Skins Youth to see if I would be interested in trialing some of their skin care range. When I jumped on their website, I learnt that they were all about natural ingredients and avoiding nasty chemicals. As I do really enjoy organic and natural products, I was very keen to try out their products.

So let's get straight into it...

Detox Tea $18.95
Acne Serum $18.95
Rose Otto Face Mist $15.95
Zappin Zeolite Acne Mask $15.95

I received a range of products including a skin detox tea, acne serum, rose mist spray and an acne mask. On first impressions, I was impressed by the simplicity of the packaging. I also had a browse of prices on their website and they are very affordable. Already off to a good start!

Now the next thing I wanted to address are the ingredients - are they actually natural, as they claim to be?

 Let's have a look.

So this is what we have in the detox tea. Whenever I see the words detox, it makes me nervous. Most detox teas contain laxatives such as senna. I certainly did not want that effect from a tea. But this is designed for skin cleansing/purifying so I was hoping it didn't give me tummy problems. I was pleased to see that this tea is 100% certified organic and is indeed all natural! On their website, you can read some detailed information about the role of the ingredients, but in a quick summary, these ingredients work together to detox and cleanse the liver to improve skin health.

Ok, but what does it taste like?

I found it to be a very light flavour. A slight hint of lemon and I could only just detect the licorice root. I have been swapping my evening black tea for this and I think by reducing my caffeine intake, its been helping me sleep a bit better. It's hard to say whether this helped my skin because I didn't really notice any changes, but improved sleep quality is always a good thing!

Now this is the acne serum. Again, a very impressive list (what is watermelon seed oil? cool!) with overall benefits including anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, balancing of sebum production and helping skin repair. I found this to be slightly heavier than rose hip oil, so a little goes a long way. The idea is to use it on problem areas, but it can be used all over. As it is a little on the heavy side, I chose to apply it twice daily on my temples - I don't know why, but I've always got little bumps around that area and thats where I get blind pimples too. It has a strong scent which to me mostly smells like the lavender oil. It is easy to massage into the skin, but it does take some time to absorb, so sometimes I skip this in the morning because I don't want oils eating through my foundation. That aside, I think this is a very handy little product to have in your skin care arsenal. I have found less bumps and also less blind pimples. Yay!

This is the rose face mist. Obviously, the main ingredient is rose, and it does indeed smell quite rosey. Here is a list of included benefits listed on the back. It can be used in a few different ways, including as a cleanser, toner, or just a general refreshing spray. I like to use this after taking off my makeup on a hot day and spraying my face as a way to cool down, but also treat my skin. I have never been interested in toning sprays/mists but now I'm thinking they're pretty nifty to have around.

Lastly, the acne mask. The ingredients in this include zeolite and french green clay which cleanse, purify, refines pores as well as a whole other list of benefits. The idea is to add a bit of water to a teaspoon of the mask, form a smooth paste and apply to the face, allowing to dry, before washing off. It can also be used as an exfoliant, or a spot treatment, but I did not try either of these methods. I found the mask to try quite quickly and it made my skin feel very refreshed a smooth. I definitely enjoyed using this, which is not surprisingly, because it is a 7 Skins best seller! Also, their website claims you can use the leftovers to sell as zoo poo. Love it!

And that brings me to the end of my review. Overall, I think these are fantastic products and would be great for someone who is looking for an affordable and natural skincare range. I think the price point would make it a great option for teenagers who are exporing skincare options. If I had to pick a favourite product out of the ones I trialed, I would say the mist based on its versatility and how refreshing it feels on the skin.

Have you tried any products from the 7 Skins range?

*products were sent for consideration and have been reviewed in accordance with my disclosure policy


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