Tuesday, 23 October 2012

BYS Diamond Shadow 'Colour Conga'

Today I went to the Reject Shop to buy some Halloween stuff for a costume party I have coming up, and I couldn't help but take a look at the BYS stand. There is a huge range of nailpolishes around $4-5, but I prefer the Ulta3 range which are only $2 per bottle.

Anyway, I picked up the 'Colour Conga' palette for $5. The name is listed on the back.

This is the palette, 8 shades for $5, not bad right? It is still wrapped in the plastic shrink wrap here. It is roughly 10cm x 6.5cm - very compact, would be great for travel.

Top row is pink, a peachy/coral colour, yellow-orangey gold, a very metallic silver. Bottom row has purple, sky blue, light green and a mint colour. All the shades are shimmery, no matte shades. I normally don't really like doing bright colourful eyeshadow, but for the low price tag, I can afford to try this out.

Open palette - includes a double ended applicator.

Swatches in natural light. The swatches have been done dry using the included applicator. Pigmentation is okay for most shades. The metallic grey/silver is very! glittery. The blue probably has the best pigmentation. The last two shades were not very pigmented and quite chalky.

I have enhanced the photo here to give you a better idea of the colours - look at the blue!

Here is a look I have created (sorry the photos are not great) but I used the grey in the inner corner, the light green on the inner third, the pink in the middle, and purple for the outer corner and into the crease. The pink was quite annoying to work with and took a lot of packing on. No primer used here.

Reminds me a bit of those paddle pop ice creams. I've included this to show you the fall out - there was a lot of fall out. So I'd advise you do your eyeshadow first before any foundation, as I had a lot of pink dust under my eyes.

Overall, not a bad palette for the price, I would probably buy more as it gives me the chance to try out colours I normally wouldn't. 

Have you tried any BYS shadows?


  1. Replies
    1. I agree, now I'm wishing I picked up some more!

  2. I do like BYS, they have great quality for the price!

    And it's great for colours that you'll only play with once in a while. :)

    Having said that, I do own quite a few of their palettes!

    1. This is my first time trying BYS shadows so I'm pretty pleased :) good to know that their other stuff is decent quality, will definitely keep an eye out!

  3. wow they're a lot more pigmented than i expected for bys!
    new follower here love your posts! xo

    1. Yeah I was surprised too! Thank you, I'm following you too - looking forward to your future posts :)


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