Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Product Review: Designer Brands Van Gogh palette

This is a review about a Designer Brands (DB) Van Gogh palette. That's what the back of the palette says, but I am a bit confused as it also says Colour by TBN on the front. I picked this up for $5 from a pharmacy (Guardian pharmacy) as I couldn't resist the earthy looking shades! 

Inside of the palette. The 6 shades on the left are quite earthy and I'm not sure how to describe the other 6. Interesting how it comes with two double-ended applicators. 

Swatches (dry, using applicator) above in different light settings. They are quite pigmented and surprisingly glide on easily. The white and pink shades (middle) were a little chalky. Also notice how there are two matte black shades? I think this is a good idea, black is a shade I use quite a lot. After doing the swatches, I feel like most of these shades are ones I already have in other palettes. I don't have ones like shade 7, 8 and 9 though so I guess its nice to have them!

Heres a quick look I've done with the VG palette. I've used a damp applicator for the pale pink on the lid and it came out quite chunky and uneven if you know what I mean, rather than being smooth and buttery. I used the matte black in the outer corner. I have not added any brown shadow on the outer edge in case you were wondering, thats just difference in my skin tone - my brow bone is much lighter than the skin below it! With a primer, the shadow lasted a long time and still looked quite nice. 

For a $5 palette, it is decent, but I think brands like MUA do much better 12 shade palettes for a similar price. 

Have you tried Designer Brands palettes? 


  1. I used to have a huge palette of designer brands when I was about 14, I used it to death and burnt a hole through the lid by placing my hair straightener on it! The best thing... I still have it hahaha!

  2. wow, those colours look absolutely gorgeous on your skin tone!

    1. Thanks Hui, I think there are some shades in there for everyone :)


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