Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Beauty pet peeves

Sure, we love our makeup, but there are some things that just drive me nuts...

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1. Breaking nails on palettes
You know how some palettes, shadows, blushes etc are really hard to open?! And after you've finally got it open, from the force of it, you end up dropping it or somehow massacring it. Sleek blushes seem to have a bitch of a clasp, I've dropped them a few times from struggling to open them, but luckily no breakages.

2. Denting lipsticks
I seem to have a few lipsticks that don't wind fully down. So I have to be super careful when putting the lid back on to make sure I don't dent it. Luckily, only the cheaper lipsticks seem to be like this.

3. Smudging liquid eyeliner
Because I just spent so much damn time trying to make it look perfect!

4. Shampoo left in hair
After washing your hair, you get that crunchy, bubbly feeling of leftover shampoo. Sigh.

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5. The mascara blink
When you apply mascara and look up straight after, and ending up with that line of mascara above your eyes...annoying. Usually I just grab a cotton pad soaked with eye makeup remover and swipe it off.

6. Eyeshadow fallout
I hate when this happens after doing my face makeup. It is such a pain when you have colourful fall out sitting on your face and after wiping it away, you have smears of colour under your eyes.

7. Eyes that don't match
I mean when your eye makeup looks noticeably different on your eyes. I seem to have this problem with winged eyeliner, my right eye usually turns out great while the left eye looks average.

8. Lack of blending
Can't say I do this myself as I rarely wear liquid foundation, but I hate seeing obvious foundation lines. Don't we all?

9. Smudging your nail polish on the last coat
Then having to redo that whole nail, starting from the base coat.

10. Packaging that doesn't suit the product
For example, a bottle of nail polish with a really big mouth/hole at the top so when you try to gently pour some liquid out, you get excess. I've managed to ruin the varnish on my wooden desk by pouring out too much nail polish remover...oops :(

What are some of your pet peeves?

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  1. I totally agree on so many of these! Especially with my eyes not matching. My crease lines are different on each eye so my eyeliner has to be done differently to give the illusion that they match! Ahh so frustrating!
    Oh and the denting lipstick...this is me...

    1. Well all your EOTD/FOTD's are so gorgeous that no one would ever be able to tell :)

    2. Me too! My eye creases are different and I always end up making it look even more obvious by accident.. so frustrating!

    3. Oh dear. I never knew eye creases could be different! Your makeup still looks great though :)

  2. Hey!

    I have nominated your for a Liebster award, an award that recognizes smaller blogs with less than 200 followers :)

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    Amber x

    1. Hey Amber, thanks for tagging me :) I've already completed the Liebster award post but I really appreciate it! x

  3. mascara can be a pain in the ass sometimes. I would use mascara and while its still wet, i would blink and the bottom lashes and the top lashes would stick together...

    1. (sorry for the slow reply, I must have missed this comment) I hate that too haha. When that happens to me, my eyelashes end up sticking out at strange angles!

  4. 2. Maybe try using a Lip brush that way you dont need to twist your lippy up.
    3. Apply a eyeshadow to your liner that way it will reduce smudging.
    6. Do your eyes before foundation :)
    8. Blend blend blend

  5. My creases are different on each eye and the right eye seems to have more drooping lashes that don't hold a curl well, so on eye will look perfect and the other one horrible. I

  6. Oh all this is true! Denting lipsticks is just terrible and breaking nails on opening eyeshadow palettes- that just happened to me yesterday :( And yes I'm a pharmacy student and I work at a pharmacy :) Whereabouts are you? I am in Australia!

    1. There needs to be more nail friendly palettes in this world!
      Oh nice, what year are you in? I've just started Master of Pharmacy at University of Newcastle (eek I'm scared)...so I'm also in Australia, but in NSW :)


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