Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Beauty Buying Ban

A common problem issue (or joy?) with beauty bloggers is that we just seem to buy sooo many things, use them a few times and then they retreat into the black hole known as the cupboard (or wherever you store things). I have acquired 5000 versions of the same thing, so I'm going to ban myself from buying a few things for a while...

1. Skincare 
I have so much skincare to exhaust, most of which I didn't pay for. I either got it from beautyheaven trial teams (was anyone else on the Nivea pure and natural trial?), blog giveaways and free samples including the recent Neutrogena samples and I also have some Arbonne skincare samples. I have enough to last me a year or more, so I won't allow myself to buy anything for a looong time!

2. Hair treatments. 
I have quite a few leave in conditioners, deep conditioners, oils etc so I have to use a few of them up before I buy any more. This doesn't include my styling products (such as heat protectant) or shampoo/conditioner.

3. Lipsticks.
I haven't ever used up a lipstick in my whole life, so until that happens, I'm not allowed to buy new ones. 

4. Foundation/BB cream
I have 3 liquid foundations, 2 BB creams, one pressed powder and one mineral foundation. That is more than enough for now. Although, I've hit pan on my pressed powder which I use the most, so I might be repurchasing that soon.

I think that's enough for now. I don't think I'm being too hard on myself, so hopefully I can stick to this plan. Wish me luck!

Are you on a beauty ban? Or have you tried before and failed? (or succeeded?)


  1. This is all too familiar territory for me. I have way too much stuff that I don't use and then get upset when it goes off and I never even tried the product properly. I need to go on a spending ban too

    1. I know what you mean. Sometimes I buy something and find that a year later its still in its original shrink wrap!

  2. I'm pretty lucky I get products from brands to trial and review on my blog, but sometimes the urge to buy is still there. PS: Watch out for a giveaway on my blog this Friday...!

    1. Trialing products is fun :) ooh yay, I will keep an eye out!

  3. I am banning myself from buying any more eye shadown palettes :) but I on the other hand want to get some more lip sticks ! Thanks for sharing ! Please do drop by my blog !

    Cherry ~~

    1. Oh I probably need to ban myself from eyeshadows too, I have waayy too many! Thanks for reading, your blog is nice :)


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