Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Keeping things wrapped up...

Just a quick post today to see if anyone else does this - you buy a bunch of things, but don't unwrap  them until months later when you actually use it. I felt like going on a beauty splurge today, but then realised I have a few things that I bought months ago and have left untouched in my drawer!

Maybelline New York Color Tattoo in 300 Gold Shimmer (Limited Edition) RRP $11.95*
Mirenesse Super Long Wear Gel Mineral Face Colour in 30 Aquamarine RRP $39.95
Boe Beauty Jumbo Wind Up Lips in 21 Manic Pink Jumbo Lips RRP $2
Savvy by DB Classic Blush in Rose RRP $4.99
Savvy by DB Graduating Bronzer RRP $6.99

*LE Color Tattoo's are not available in Australia

Do you keep things in their original packaging until you use them? What do you think I should use next?


  1. I also do this too.... glad I'm not the only one who do this.

    Btw, where did you buy the LE Color Tattoo's from?

    1. It gives you that new product feeling...even if you bought it months ago :)

      I bought it on ebay, they are quite expensive (shipping makes it so dear) so I only bought one!

  2. I don't know how you resist. Usually as soon as I get home I have to open it up, swatch then test it on my face. Haha. I really want to see how that gold colour tattoo turns out though.

    1. Haha I think most people are like that :D I'll post up a review of the colour tattoo soon :)

  3. I always unwrap my goodies straightaway and try them on my hands because it's fun! You're so good to wait till you actually need to use it


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