Thursday, 15 August 2013

Boohoo Wardrobe Bingo

Back in June, when I was asked if I was interested in participating in a Boohoo Wardrobe comp, I thought sure, why not! I'm cutting it a little fine, seeing as entries are due tomorrow, but I thought it seemed like fun. Basically, you pick out 5 tops/bottoms/shoes/accessories from your wardrobe, label them 1-5 and use a random number generator to pick four random numbers, and see what crazy combination you come up with! It's all a bit of fun, just to see what you end up with.

Here are the items I picked out...




I hope the numbering makes sense here, basically start at the top, going L-R (i.e. so the sand coloured gladiators are number 1, and the red heels are number 3)


(same style of numbering scheme as for the shoes)

Right, now off to to get a series of 4 random numbers...what combination did I get?

Which looks like....

Ta-dah! I'm actually surprised by how cute this combo is, I probably never would have picked this out on my own. I'd probably swap the sandals for a different pair, but the little beanie-hat thing looks really good with the top! It's actually an awesome combo for the current weather, starting to warm up but still a little chilly. Maybe I should decide my wardrobe based on random number generators more often :P

What did you think of my random combination?

If you're into trendy fashion items that won't kill your bank account, check out Boohoo's website!


  1. Looks like a cute combo! Love the top! xx

    1. Thanks Jasmine! I love the top too, my boyfriend actually picked it out for me :)

  2. nice combo, I love those sandals.

    1. Thanks Loz. Admittedly, I don't wear them too often, I feel like they clash weirdly with my skin tone haha

  3. I read this last week but from my iPhone, so couldn't comment!

    Such a cute idea, love the end result too! :)

    1. Thanks lovely :) gotta love those random number generators haha

  4. Great post!

    xx Leesa

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