Friday, 16 October 2015

Sukin super greens

Hands up who loves Sukin? I certainly do. Not only are their products organic, they're also priced very well. So when their new super greens range came out, I was pretty keen to try out some of their new products.

Facial Recovery Serum
Detoxifying Clay Masque
Detoxifying Facial Scrub

If you know me in real life, you'll know that I'm always eating kale in my lunch but I don't actually enjoy it that much. Its good for you, so many nutrients etc...I try and be good to my body, even if I don't like what I'm eating all the time!

So if you're anything like me, this is a perfect compromise. It incorporates the essential nutrients from ingredients such as kale, chlorella, jojoba, spirulina and rose hip (just to name a few) in a way that works really well (and means I don't have to eat kale). 

The first one of these I purchased was the scrub. It is fairly creamy and has a few beads in it, certainly not as abrasive as some of the harsher scrubs out there (St Ives, I'm looking at you) but still works a treat. It smells great too, like pineapples! I use this twice a week.

The serum was next, after I read rave reviews about it. It comes in a pump and I use about 1-2 pumps for my face. It's very liquid-y and light weight, with a refreshing scent. It absorbs super quickly, in fact, by the time I've moved on to the other side of my face, its already absorbed. This is perfect as I am usually too lazy to wait much longer before moving onto the rest of my routine.

And last of all was the masque. I am a big fan of the other Sukin clay masque so I had to try this. It's a very smooth clay and works just as well as the other masque. And it smells lovely too. 

So far, I think this range is excellent for the wannabe greenie who wants to benefit from superfoods in a way that is more pleasant than consuming them! Have you tried this range? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I dont really enjoy eating Kate much (maybe it they are Kale chips) but I do enjoy them in green juices with lotttttsss of apples! I've only tried a few products from Sukin... I'll have to check out this range :)

    1. Good tip, at least the apple would mask the kale flavour ;)

  2. I've been loving the Sukin scrub too! It's gentle yet still really effective!


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