Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Veet hair removal review

Today I'm reviewing some Veet products, just in time for summer. I'm the kind of person who uses a variety of hair removal products including razors, an epilator and depilatory creams. So when I was offered to trial some hair removal creams, I couldn't say no!

Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin
Veet Hair Removal Cream with Grape Seed Oil

So my first memory about depilatory creams is from my early teen years - I remember that they smelt really bad, stung a little and didn't really work all that well. Luckily times have changed! 

First I'll discuss the spray on...I really like the idea, it makes it much quicker to apply the cream and means you don't have to worry about spreading it evenly too much. Sadly, I find that it is difficult to use because the spray top requires a lot of pressure to dispense the cream! However in saying that, it does work really well. It only took 5 minutes to remove finer hairs (on my knees, where I don't like to shave) and I used the pictured spatula (which came with both products) to scrape it away. It makes cleaning a whole lot easier!

As for the cream in the tube, I definitely preferred this one. Easy squeezy and it actually smells nice too. It is a lightweight cream that spreads easily. And did I mention it doesn't stink? Again it only took about 5 minutes to remove hairs.

The end result, after washing the area - soft, hair free skin. No redness or irritation! Excellent!

So a few tips regarding these products - 5-10 mins is all you need; 10 minutes to coarser hair but don't leave it any longer as it may cause irritation. As always, good to do a patch test first (I never do but you should!). 

Have you tried these products? What were your thoughts? x

*products were provided for consideration and have been reviewed in accordance with my disclosure policy


  1. I love using this during summer, I'd apply it and spend time plucking my eye brows and putting clay masks etc, then wash everything off in the shower :D

    1. Love it, multi tasking sure does speed up the process :)

  2. Sounds like I'll have to try these guys out!


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