Saturday, 2 March 2013

Dry, cracked lips...what worked and what didn't!

I don't know why, but lately I've experienced awfully dry lips. My lips feel so tight when I smile and the corners of my mouth have also cracked too, ouch! 

Let me give you a brief run-down of my lip care routine...

I usually apply a lip balm in the morning, then wear lipgloss/lipstick on top. I generally don't reapply during the day. At night time, I slather on a heavy coating of another thicker lip balm. 

So why are my lips so dry? Your guess is as good as mine! I thought I was doing a good job at protecting chapped lips, but apparently not.

Now that my lips are a mess, I've been using a few different products to see what might help...

What didn't work...

Nivea Fruity Shine lip balm in Strawberry
Nivea Repair & Protection
Nivea Hydro Care

Oh no. My beloved Nivea has let me down. These guys are my daily essentials, and I think they may be the culprit for my dry lips. The weather hasn't been particularly dry, mostly wet...

I wear the Hydro Care balm during the day as it's quite light to wear and it lives in my handbag. The Repair one is my overnight companion, and the fruity shine is for when I feel like a bit of flavour.

Now here is what I used to help return my lips to their un-chapped state...

Lucas' Papaw Ointment tube
Maybelline Baby Lips 

A few days of slathering the papaw ointment over my lips has brought them back to their soft state. This has also helped heal the cracks on the sides of my mouth. Baby Lips has also been great at making my lips soft and smooth again.

What products and remedies have you tried on sore, dry lips?


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  2. Had extremely dry lips this Christmas which I normally cured with Bee’s Wax balm but this would’t go away so I had a bit of an online search and found a website,, which suggested it could be health related. I got a check up from my GP and low and behold, I had low blood Iron count!
    Helpful website,


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