Friday, 29 March 2013

March Empties

I was tossing up whether to even do an empties post this month. I haven't finished anything particularly exciting. This month I've had a few allergic reactions to beauty products, and been bitten by some nasty insects. I got bitten by a small spider on my back about 4 weeks ago and I'm still suffering from it. So to sum up March - itchy, pain and swelling. I hope you've had a better month than I have!

Nivea Pure & Natural face wipes
Simple Eye Makeup Remover
Palmer's Cocoa Butter lip balm stick

Nivea wipes
They were okay. Wipes don't really get me that excited and I've never used a brand of wipes that's made me think 'ohh I must repurchase!'. These are inexpensive and free from lots of nasties which is good if you've got sensitive skin!

Simple Eye Makeup remover
Grrrr. This isn't empty as you can see, but I've had a bad reaction to it now. I used to love this, it was so efficient and gentle when removing eye makeup...then it started burning my eyes. It made my eyes burn, water and sting for periods of up to half an hour! I find it odd that it started happening randomly. I emailed the company about it but haven't heard anything from them. To the bin with you.

Still didn't protect me against that spider bite and multiple green ant bites, did you? I'm going to have to go for something stronger. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter lip balm
It was cheap and I was looking for something to throw in my handbag. This smells really good, like their body butter and it's pretty thick in terms of consistency. I've noticed that it makes my lips burn it's also being chucked! 

So in summary, I'm not going to repurchase any of my empties from this month. I hate to write such a dismal, negative post but that is an accurate summation of how my month was. I'm wondering maybe the insect bites, which have put poisons into my body, have triggered these unusual product reactions?

Anyways, what have you used up this month? 

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