Monday, 11 March 2013

MUA Rant

I've just had a truly appalling experience with MUA. Some of you may recall their 50k promo in January where they offered 50% off and free shipping. I had been waiting for this offer for quite some time, so I was very excited about it.

They had a lot of problems with the site and asked everyone to stay off, so I didn't go on until about 2 days into the sale. I made an order which came to about $28 with the discount. 

My order was 'sent' on the 31st of January. After three weeks, I emailed them asking where my order was. They send me an automated reply saying that the parcel was not considered lost until 35 days and to contact them on the 10th of March. I waited until the 10th of March and nothing showed up. 

So, I emailed again and asked if they would kindly resend my order. I said a few other things too. Nearly two days later, they reply saying they will give me a refund. They ignored everything I wrote. Um, I didn't want a refund. I wanted my stuff. Why should I have to miss out on the 50k offer? I did everything right by them, I stayed off the site while it was down and this is what I get?

Of course they won't give me the items now because the sale is long over, to be honest, I doubt they even sent my order in the first place. What annoys me the most is that it took 6 weeks to be informed about this. 

Will I ever order from them again? NO WAY! Not unless this situation is rectified! 

Thanks MUA for your truly shitty service. 

I'm sorry for such an angry post, but I feel like I should share my terrible experience with fellow bloggers! 

Have you experienced anything like this before?


  1. That sucks! I had no problems with MUA but sometimes things do get lost in the post :(

    1. That's true, but after looking on MUA's Facebook page, I've noticed a lot of people with the same issue. A few ladies on bh have also had this happen to them. Little bit shitty, methinks :(


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