Thursday, 18 April 2013

NOTD: Purple nails for Boston

I am sure most of you would have heard about the recent tragedy that occurred in Boston. I noticed a hashtag on instagram- #purplenailsforboston. (See for more pictures). The number of photos under this tag is rapidly growing, and I think it goes to show that people really do care, and even if its just a small gesture, it shows we are still thinking of those who have been affected by the bombings.

Here is my contribution:

Sorry about the filter on the photo, but this was what I published on instagram! I'm wearing OPI 'A Grape Fit' as the purple solid coat, with Sally Hansen Gem Crush 'Be-Jewlled' as the glitter top coat.

OPI 'A Grape Fit'
Sally Hansen Gem Crush 'Be-Jeweled'

If you wish to follow me on instagram, my username is chocolate_squeeze

What are your thoughts on hashtags on instagram for tragedies like this?


  1. Great combination here! I love the way the sparkle has lightened up A Grape Fit!

    It's always nice to do something to show support for a just cause, even if it's something small.


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