Sunday, 18 May 2014

FOTN: Dinner

I haven't been particularly social lately with stupid uni getting in the way, but last night I had dinner with my family for my brothers birthday. I'm feeling really exhausted after finals week, especially because I've had to work all weekend and had no time to relax. I think I've lost my natural glow and look a bit dull :( anyway, I wanted to post a FOTD just to show you some new products that I haven't used much of...

Sleek Blush in 'Pomegranate'
Essence Metal Glam Highlighter
Arbonne Foundation
MUA Heaven & Earth palette
Ulta3 Lip Paint in 'Manic Mauve'
Sleek Twist Up Eye Pencil
Face of Australia Liquid Liner
Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara

I normally only include colour products, but this time I thought I'd show the whole lot. Since I did my foundation rotation a while back, I've been loving the Arbonne foundation. Its so easy to blend and build up and gives a great finish. The blush, highlighter and lip paint are relatively new items that I was excited to use.  The blush is something I decided to pick up while I was on the hunt for some berry toned blushes for winter. The only berry blush I had previously was Elf's HD blush in 'Berry Merry' which I adore and use a lot (see a FOTD here) so I felt another one was necessary! 

White flash face!

The flash has sort of washed out the vibrancy of the Ulta3 lip paint, but it is gorgeous! It lasted pretty well throughout the meal, and eventually faded to leave a pretty stain. It's not sticky or drying, just somewhere in between. It's a perfect shade for winter. I used the 7th shade from the MUA palette as an all over lid colour. I never used to be a brown shadow gal but I find it does look sophisticated without being too obvious. You can't really tell from this pic, damn hooded lids! 

Have you tried out any of these products? The Ulta3 lip paints are pretty hyped up at the moment, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Ooo looking good! I don't have that brand here but your lips look awesome! I'm getting into lip crayons at the moment, my lips tend to be dry so I don't use lip paints very much!

    1. Thanks Sharlynn :) I think Ulta3 is only in Aus + NZ! Lip crayons are really good :)

  2. Love the lip paints! And the FOA liquid liner, but it takes a while to dry! What are your thoughts on the Sleek blush?

    1. I'm so glad you like it! It does take time to dry, but I find it has good lasting power. The blush, like all Sleek blushes, is amazing! So pigmented and silky :) the only downside is that it can be easy to go overboard and look like a clown. They are my fave blushes though!

  3. Pretty. I have the MUA Undress Me Too palette which I love! Also have Arbonne foundation but it's a bit dark for me unless I'm really tanned:)


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