Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Favourites of 2012

Inspired by the many favourites of 2012 posts I've seen, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. In no particular order...

Elf blush 'Berry Merry' - swatches
Mirenesse Blush Brush
Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer in #2
Dove Essential Nutrients Moisturiser
L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream 
Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator in Angel Flame (review to come)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - see more
MUA Undressed Palette - review
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick
Nivea Repair and Protection Lip Balm
MUA Intense Kisses gloss 
Simple Eye makeup remover

China Glaze - For Audrey
Rimmel 60 Seconds - Green with Envy
Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish - Disco Ball
OPI - Skyfall (its not as orange as it looks here!)
OPI - Gold Shatter

Batiste brunette dry shampoo
TIGI Bedhead Foxy Curls Contour Cream
Berber Oil Mask

PC Games
Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy - not for the faint at heart, it features a man who is possessed to kill others and you play as his character and the detectives to uncover the truth
Sims 3 Showtime - I am a Sims addict!

Jodi Picoult - Plain Truth: This is about a young unmarried Amish girl who gives birth to a child in her family barn. The child is found dead in the morning, and all fingers point to her as the murderer as she did not want to be shunned by her community. This was a great read as it considers different viewpoints of what the girl did, including the Amish view and the Western legal views.

Nora Roberts - Montana Sky: A rich but heartless man dies and leaves his ranch (worth millions) behind to his three daughters, who have never met. In order to inherit the money, they must all live and work together on the ranch for a year. One of the sisters is relieved, as it is an escape from her stalker ex-husband...but can she really hide from him?

Stephen Chbosky - The Perks of Being a Wallflower: A beautiful novel about life, love and growing up. If you haven't seen the film, I highly recommend it.

If there is a product here that you would like me to review, just ask in the comments section, I'm more than happy to do so!

Happy new year!


  1. Yay nice list hun! Happy New Year :) I don't have the sims game anymore because it was taking up too much of my time XD I'm such a loser

    1. Thanks, happy new year to you too! Oh I'm the same, I've lost many hours of my life playing the sims :)

  2. Great blog post dear! I really like that you included a few personal things like the books - I have been looking for a good book to read so will put these on my list to check out next time I'm at the library :-)
    Happy New Year!!

    1. Thank you :) I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. Happy new year to you too!


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