Saturday, 19 January 2013

Beauty tips

So here are a bunch of tips that you may not have known about before. These are little things I've stumbled across myself so hopefully this list will be somewhat unique!

Coconut oil as an eye makeup remover
Waterproof eye makeup? No problem, just smear a small drop of coconut oil on a cotton pad/tissue and gentle wipe off your eye make up. I prefer to use this method when the coconut oil is in solid form but it will melt anyway. I use this to get rid of waterproof gel eyeliner and if I'm wearing a lot of eyeshadow. I'm sure you are aware of benefits of coconut oil for hair, so surely it must do some good for your eyelashes too!

Using a loofah in the shower to remove nail polish on skin
Showering a few hours after a mani to remove excess polish is well known but sometimes I still have residual polish around the edges. Using the loofah, gently buff over any excess polish to remove it.

Bobby-pins for nail art
Dotting tools may be cheap to buy off eBay, but if you have spare bobby pins lying around, they can be used for all sorts of nail art. You can also use toothpicks, the tip of a dried out pen and paperclips. These can also be used as to draw fine lines. Why buy a dotting tool when a bobby pin is almost the same? :)

Mix different lipstick shades together
I have done a separate post on this - if you can mix foundations, surely you can mix lipstick! I buy a lot of my  makeup online so it can be hard to guess how it will look on me, and as a result I've ended up with shades too light/dark. See my experiments here!

Don't sit your brushes upright to dry after cleaning
Place them lying down on a hard surface, otherwise the water will drain downwards which can ruin the integrity of the handle. Also, the water will eat away at the glue meaning the bristles will shed faster thus shortening the lifespan of your brush!

Add eyeshadow to lipstick
I tried this for Halloween, I wanted black lips, but wasn't too keen on buying a lipstick I'd probably only use once. So I used a red lipstick on my lips, then dipped my finger in matte black eyeshadow and rubbed a bit on my lips. This doesn't feel too great (don't lick your lips!) but if you're going to a costume party, this is a good thing to keep in mind. 

Tuck the ends of your hair in
When you are keeping your hair tied up, make sure the ends are tucked in (like how they would be up in a bun). If you have your hair in a ponytail, friction from clothes etc will cause the ends to split faster.

Makeup wipes for spot cleaning brushes
I use makeup wipes for an everyday clean of brushes by wiping them off. I still clean my brushes properly as well (using organic shampoo!).

Thanks for reading, I hope you found something new to try! Feel free to share your tips :)


  1. I always buy lipstick online that looks hideous on me too and end up mixing it! I hate wastage.

    The coconut oil tip is FANTASTIC. It's supposed to be great for your skin and hair. I'm currently doing a series of posts on how it impacts my hair.

    1. I also hate wasting any products, I usually offer them to friends but things like lipsticks I'd rather not share for hygiene reasons.

      Coconut oil is working wonders on my hair at the moment, I'll definitely check out your posts! :)

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