Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Homemade foundations and BB creams?

I came across this concept when I Googled whether mixing BB creams and foundation was a good idea to achieve a better shade match. Then I read this post about homemade BB creams and I was amazed. Such a simple concept, why had I never thought of it before?

Anyway, to paraphrase the above linked post, mixing moisturiser, foundation, powder, sunscreen, primer etc you can create your own BB Cream. 

First, I started by mixing my Dove Essential Nutrients moisturiser with SPF 15 (I love this moisturiser!) with a mineral powder foundation. This powder foundation is my summer foundation, as it matches my skin when I am a bit darker in the summer months (although, after working so much these holidays I've barely tanned at all). I played around with this a bit and found that depending on how much powder I added, I could control the coverage and thickness of the cream. I applied with my fingers and it looked very natural.

Then I tried mixing moisturiser with my Revlon Colorstay Stay Natural foundation. It seemed to make the foundation turn a lighter colour, but it wasn't noticeable when applied. As this foundation is a light coverage anyway, I didn't think mixing with moisturiser made a huge difference.

BB Creams are said to brighten your face. So I used Face of Australia's Mineral Therapy Illuminator in Angel Glow + moisturiser. When I mixed it on the back of my hand, it looked quite dark, but when applied, it gave a sheer, bronzed look. NB: I would not recommend this for light/pale skin tones as it would be noticeably orange. 

And then, I mixed everything together. 
Rimmel BB Cream in Medium + moisturiser + foundation + illuminator = winner!
I tried to add equal quantities of each product, but you can vary each to suit your needs. The final product was quite thick but it gave good coverage. I will probably do this occasionally in the future, and when I can determine optimal quantities of each product, I'll make up a larger volume and keep it in a fresh jar. 

A dot of moisturiser, foundation and BB Cream (they've turned into one blob) and a touch of illuminator.

You can mix anything you like really, I didn't use sunscreen as the moisturiser, foundation and BB cream themselves contain SPF, and I didn't use primer as I don't own any (yes, you can laugh at me). I've also seen liquid concealer being thrown into the mix, but I wondered if this would be too cake-y.

Have you tried doing this?


  1. It sounds like a good idea.. My skin can get pretty dry so I need moisturiser before foundation anyway so I'm not the biggest fan of BB creams.

    1. I'm the same, I think adding a touch of moisturiser to my foundation should help!


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