Thursday, 11 July 2013

Batiste's New Cherry scented dry shampoo

If there's one thing I could never go without, its dry shampoo! I've tried a few different brands, but I definitely liked Batiste the most. So after I was asked to be part of the Batiste campaign to celebrate the arrival of their newest scent, cherry, I was super excited. 

Using the Batiste fashion styling app on Facebook, I've created a fashion look which I'm going to share with you. If you want to style your own look, feel free to! You'll be in the running to win one of two $1000 Market HQ wardrobes! 

Here is the link:

The finished look!

A red dress because red is so universally flattering (I think so, anyway!) and it's such a bright pop of colour, perfect for a night out, dinner with friends or a hot date. A black necklace to emphasise the d├ęcolletage, making it a focal point of the outfit and to add some character, a cute pair of black heels (because we don't want to start clashing our colours here) and to finish off the look, a simple but pretty cream clutch.

But wait, we're not quite done...

The brand new Batiste cherry scented dry shampoo*! How pretty is the can?

Let's not forget to spritz some dry shampoo through our hair before heading out. This dry shampoo smells so deliciously fruity, good enough to be used as body spray! It works well and super quick, without leaving the dreaded white powder residue (I would know, I have jet black hair!). I also love how the smell does last a little while, giving me refreshed and pretty smelling hair. Perfect for a busy (or lazy?) lady, and it's great for those who don't shampoo their hair every night. I only shampoo twice a week so this is a saviour for those days when my hair is looking more greasy than glossy.

What do you think about the new cherry scented dry shampoo from Batiste? If you want to  join in on the fun of their new campaign, click here and style your own look to be in the running to win a new wardrobe! 

Enjoy, and best of luck! xx

*this product was kindly provided for my consideration and follows the guidelines outlined in my disclosure policy. 

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