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Veet waxing review

If you haven't heard of Veet, then I'll just give you a brief overview - they have a number of different hair removal products, mostly focusing around waxing. There are so many different methods of hair removal for different parts of the body, sometimes its overwhelming. As for me, I epilate my legs and underarms, shave my knees (because its hard to epilate around my knobbly knees), pluck my brows and use depilatory cream on my moustache. While these methods work okay for me, they all seem to have drawbacks...ingrown hairs, redness and shaving cuts. When I was asked to try out a few Veet waxing products, I was quite keen to give it a try.

Left: Veet Facial Waxing Kit*
Right: Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax strips*

First up, we have the Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use wax strips for sensitive skin. I have used waxing strips in the past (not this particular range) and I actually did like them, until I bought an epilator. With waxing, its an ongoing cost because you  have to keep buying strips, whereas an epilator is a one-off cost. 

Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax strips comes with 20 wax strips (right) and 4 oil based finish wipes (centre). I really liked how quick and easy this was to use! Great results too.

These are super simple and quick to use. All you do is stick them on, rub the strip to warm it up and rip it off. I used these on my hairy man legs (I need leg hair to keep warm in winter, okay!) and the strips were quite hairy after - so I know they've done a good job. Each strip is good for about 2-3 uses until the stickiness wears off. The kit also comes with some oil wipes to help you remove the sticky wax residue that is left over. Even with the wipes, you'll need considerable effort to get the sticky stuff off! 

A week after waxing, I've got stubbly growth on my legs, but this happens regardless of whichever hair removal method I use. When summer rolls around, I'll definitely pick some more of this because its so much quicker than epilating. I did use an epilator to eliminate leftover stray hairs though. 

Now for the facial hair removal kit. It comes with a small tube of clear wax (it looks kind of like a lipgloss tube!), a pointy stick and some paper-tissue like strips. The instructions seem simple enough, put the wax tube in a glass of warm water for one minute, apply a thin layer of wax + stick strip on top and rip off. I found that I needed to leave the tube in hot water for a lot longer than a minute, probably closer to 10 minutes. Then you squeeze out some wax and spread it thinly over the area you want to wax (I tried this on my upper lip). I used the tip to spread it out over the area, but it felt more like I was dragging it over my skin because the wax is quite sticky. I smoothed on a strip and then ripped it off. 

First attempt? Not so successful, I had trouble picking up any hairs. But I soldiered on...

On later attempts, I probably picked up about 4-5 hairs. I found that I didn't have much luck with this but thats probably got a lot to do with my technique - I'm new to facial waxing so perhaps I wasn't doing it right. I did follow the instructions though. I tried about 5 times before I decided to stop because my skin was turning quite red. Clean up is super simple though, the wax is water washable so its really easy to clean the skin. The strips are reusable too and there are 20 strips in the set so you really shouldn't run out of strips. 

Verdict? Seems like a good product, but perhaps for those who are regular facial waxers. 

I experienced no irritating, itching or burning while using these products or afterwards, so I agree with the claim that it will be fine for sensitive skin.

Have you tried any Veet waxing products? What are your thoughts?

*these products were sent to me for my consideration. This has not affected my review in any way. This review is in compliance with my disclosure policy.

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