Wednesday, 31 July 2013

NOTD + instructions!

The great thing about nail art is that sometimes the design itself is super simple when broken down into a series of steps. I decided to try out a leopard print design today, the best thing about it is that you don't really need to be that neat - if you're a little messy, it doesn't detract from the overall effect!

I usually paint my nails while randomly surfing the a result, my laptop is a little bit colourful, but hey, that gives it character ;)

I started off by painting my nails two different colours, the magenta is Essie 'Big Spender' and the gold is Revlon 'Gold Coin'

Using the opposite colour, I used the end of the nail polish brush to make dots of varying sizes on my nails - don't worry about being neat!

Using the tip of a bobby pin (pictured behind) and a black polish, I drew two solid lines to outline the dots - you can see I haven't connected them. 

And that's it, super simple huh? I am really loving this colour combo! I will definitely try this out with different colours next time :)

All done!

Have you tried leopard print nails before? What do you think?


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