Wednesday, 3 July 2013

May + June empties

I held off writing a May empties post last month, because I didn't feel I used up enough things. So I'm going to do a combined empties post. Where is time going? I feel like the last two months have sped by in the blink of an eye...

Coles Nail Polish Remover
Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming scrub (sample sized)
Garnier Ultra Dry Roll On

Coles nail polish remover
This appears every 2-3 months in my empties so I haven't got much more to say about it, just that it's still the cheapest I can find and does the job. Repurchased.

Neutrogena grapefruit scrub
I really liked this scrub. It's a pale pink gel scrub with small grains in it (not too abrasive) that cleanse the skin really well. It smells quite nice too. This sample lasted me about 3 weeks, using it once a day. I think I will consider purchasing this when I have exhausted all of my current skin care.

Garnier Ultra Dry Roll On
This particular version of their mineral deodorants is awful. It smells powdery and leaves a powdery residue behind. It probably does last 48 hours but I had to wash it off as soon as I was home/not busy because it smelt weird and the powder made me itch. I was only able to use half of this up because I disliked it too much. I won't repurchase this particular type, but their other ones are good. 

MUA False Lashes - Sassy
1000 Hour Fashion Lashes - Daring Black

MUA False Lashes
These were very fake indeed, they felt like plastic and were not comfortable to wear either. I think maybe because I purchased the super long ones is why they felt so annoying. The glue was pretty standard, did the job. I have only worn these twice, both times to costume parties and after seeing the photos - theres a distinct gap between my real lashes and the falsies :( even though I did apply them properly. They're cheap for a reason I suppose. Will not repurchase.

1000 Hour Lashes
I bought these from Price Attack and have worn them a few times - I always got lots of compliments! Application wasn't the easiest, but they looked amazing - dark and dramatic. Perfect for a night out or special event. The applicator for the glue was quite handy too. As for whether I would repurchase, I'm not sure...I've recently discovered Ardell lashes (helloooo demi wispies) which are 10x easier to apply and look incredible. Plus, they're super cheap too, I bought two pairs off ebay for about $2.50 each. So in summary, no I wouldn't repurchase, but not because they're a bad product.

Top - bottom
Covergirl eyeshadow trio
Nivea Fruity Shine in Strawberry
Lip Smacker in Cotton Candy
Sleek Volume & Curl mascara
Left: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Covergirl eyeshadow
This is many years old, I actually found it when I cleaned out my drawers...yikes. I used to wear this when I was in high school and had no clue how to do makeup. I tend to avoid Covergirl products these days (with the exception of the clump crusher mascara) because they remind me of my clueless younger days!

Nivea lip balm
I am a huge fan of their lip balms. I looove anything strawberry scented so I'd probably buy this one again, once I've used up one of my 1000 other lip balms.

Lip Smacker
A fun reminder of being a kid really. This smells divine and I'd probably repurchase (in a different flavour) if I feel inspired one day.

Sleek Volume & Curl mascara
I've had this for a while now, but probably used it maybe...half a dozen times? It's just not that great, it doesn't do much for my lashes. Not repurchasing. 

What products are you chucking out this month?


  1. I wasn't a fan on the Coles brand nail polish remover I found it REALLY dried out my hands. Sucks because it's so cheap!


    1. That's no good! To be honest, I don't see any differences with other brands. Cutex has a whole range of different ones, I tried the moisture one but it doesn't really do anything special.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I think I emptied a whole 3 SAMPLE products last month, and I only recently threw out my Covergirl eyeshadow that I have had for years too! Mine had 4 different colour though lol
    I've just been selected as one of there winners for Pink tickets so I sure am glad I don't avoid them these days :) I love their Outlast Foundation at the moment.

    1. I've heard a lot of good things about their outlast foundation, maybe I shouldn't be so sceptical haha. Congrats on winning the tickets, that sounds amazing!


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