Monday, 2 June 2014

Winter skin savers (Palmer's appreciation post)

Seeing as winter has officially begun, I've started to round up a few products that will help my skin from becoming dry and awful from the cold. Before I begin, this is not a sponsored post, I just really like Palmer's products because they're of great quality and are very affordable.

Palmer's Cocoa Body Scrub
Palmer's Shea Butter Lotion
Palmer's Olive Body Butter

Cocoa Body Scrub
I've had this scrub for a while now, and I love using it. It's the perfect amount of grainy-ness (sand particles and crushed up cocoa bits) to get a decent exfoliation, and I find that when I use it after epilating my legs, I get a lot less ingrown hairs and bumpy spots. It smells divine, like chocolate-y cocoa, of course. The only downside is that it does leave a mess in the shower. I'm wondering how this would compare to the Frank body scrub that everyones been raving about...does anyone want to share their experiences with it?

Shea Butter Lotion
I love trying out their different lotion ranges. I'm really loving this one because it's hydrating, yet light, and also has a nice smell. I have no idea what shea butter actually smells like, but this is quite perfume-y smelling. Being a lotion, it doesn't have maximum hydration capacity, but I find myself using it after a morning shower before I'm heading out to go somewhere, when I don't really want to use anything too greasy/thick. 

Olive Body Butter
Okay, for starters, I cannot find ANY info on the olive body butter tub anywhere! I can only find product info for the lotion and concentrated cream, no tub in sight! I really have no explanation for this, because I picked it up about a week ago from a pharmacy. Anyway, this mystery product has been my knight in shining armour. The body butter smells interesting, pleasant, but maybe a hint medicinal? Anyway, it's fairly thick, as you'd expect, but spreads and absorbs well. I use this after my pre-bedtime shower as I'm about to jump into bed and my skin feels really soft in the morning. I'm very happy with this body butter, but if I run out, I may never find it again!

So those are some of my skin savers for the chilly season. What products have you been using to keep your skin happy? xx


  1. Love Palmer's products, but I have not tried any of these ones :) how weird that you can't find info on the Olive butter tub... I'm loving the Aveeno Daily Body wash teamed with the Aveeno Moisturiser to combat my winter skin :)

    1. If you see it, you should pick it up, I'm loving it :) that sounds like a good idea, I've never tried Aveeno but they seem like a decent brand!

  2. I share your liking for Palmer's products, their cocoa butter smells delicious!!
    I've been using nivea... mainly because I won their hamper a year ago and haven't had any luck finishing it up yet lol.

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. It totally does!! Whenever I wear it I get compliments on how yummy I smell :) a Nivea hamper sounds amazing, they are one of my fave brands :)

  3. How did I not know about the body scrub?!?!?! I do quite like their products, but more the cocoa scent, than the lily scent that they have in their BB cream.

    1. Well I actually didn't know they had a BB cream haha we learnt something off each other :)


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