Monday, 24 September 2012

MAC 'Feeling' and E.l.f 'Berry Merry'

Just a quick post on my two favourite pink blushes! MAC's Beauty Powder Blush in Feeling and E.l.f Berry Merry. You could probably argue that these are more plum/berry toned but to keep things simple I'll just say they're pink and let you decide what colour they are. 

No they're not that similar but I'm not saying they are. I'm just showing two blushes that I really like. Straight away you can see the E.l.f one is more berry toned and you can see the glitter. The MAC one does not have any shimmer or glitter. 

Above are swatches for Feeling (left) and Berry Merry (right) in direct sunlight (top) and not. I've had to build up Feeling a bit more as it is quite light against my skin. The shimmer from Berry Merry doesn't appear too evident here.

This is how Feeling looks against my skin. I've used a fair bit of powder here to make it show up better. It would be really great against fairer skin tones. The brush I use picks up the powder easily and the colour can be built up. I wear this during the day for a natural pink glow and it lasts most of the day.

And this is Berry Merry. There is shimmer in this blush and it is a deeper colour that I would say is more suited to medium-dark skin tones. I wear this at night, but it doesn't take long to wear away. 

Which pink blushes do you use?

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