Friday, 28 September 2012

MUA Dusk til Dawn palette

I finally received my MUA palette in the mail and I'm really excited about it! I have the MUA Undressed palette and absolutely love it, so I wanted to buy another MUA palette, but I wanted one that wasn't too colourful as I prefer to do neutral looks. I'm not bold enough to wear colourful make up!

This is what the palette looks like. Theres a mix of neutral colours like greys, black and lighter shades as well as a few bright shades such as the 7th shade (gold), the aqua colour and the purple (2nd last)

Swatched using the double ended applicator (dry) - the top photo with flash and the bottom with no flash. They are mostly pigmented and creamy. The only one I found chalky was the matte(ish?) grey next to the gold - the colour didn't come out too well either! The last 4 shades are amazingly pigmented. The black looks matte here but it is a glitter bomb!

Top - flash, bottom - no flash. This is a quick look I've done with the palette. I've used the aqua as the main lid colour, shade 5 in the crease (but I ended up blending it so much that its not noticeable), shade 2 for the outer V and then the black (last shade) on top to further define the outer V.

Do you have this palette? What are your thoughts?


  1. I love this look! It makes your eyes really pop!

  2. This looks stunning! And the look you created is really pretty <3

    1. Thanks lovely :) gotta love messing around with eyeshadow :P


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